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Since June 22nd 2021, we require that you sign our updated Terms and Conditions, with the new Privacy Notice and Health Declaration section stating that you agree to the health and safety parameters put in place by the government and Spin Énergie studio. You’ll be able to do so online through your personal account. If booking multiple bikes with the same account, note that every rider, who also need to have a personal account, must have signed that updated document. To make this process easier, we encourage all riders to book their bike with their own account.


Your options : At this time, Spin Énergie requires you to provide a Health Declaration as well a proof of double vaccination as a condition of entry to its studio. However, if you are uncomfortable with providing any requested information or do not wish to consent to this new Privacy Notice and Health Declaration or the governement's Vaccination Passport, we will pause your class package purchase before September 1 until this new policy changes. No refund will be allowed. Please contact info@spinenergie.com if you have any questions.




In an effort to keep Spin Énergie community safe, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are collecting additional information from our riders, employees and other studio visitors. Our transparency is key to maintaining your trust, and during these unprecedented times, we are doing our best to maintain the balance between ensuring the health and the trust of our community, and, respecting your privacy. Accordingly, effective as of June 22nd 2020, the following “Privacy Notice” shall apply to our existing Terms and Conditions.


As the current circumstances and the needs of our community evolve, this Privacy Notice may be modified or updated in Spin Énergie sole discretion. If we make any changes to our Privacy Notice, we will communicate the revised document here and such changes will be effective immediately upon that posting. Please review this Privacy Notice periodically to ensure you are aware of any changes.


What new information we’re collecting: We may collect information about your potential exposure to COVID-19 and health through periodic health declarations we may ask you to complete. We will not record or store any personal information regarding your declaration, but if we consider you are high risk for contamination to others, we reserve the right to denied you access to the studio and record/indicate in our system that you were denied entrance and are not eligible to return for a period we will decide necessary (3 to 14 days).


How we retain information : The information collected in our system will be retained only as long as we determine reasonably necessary to ensure the health and safety for our community and in accordance with applicable law. Any information that we retain will be stored for a reasonable period of time, including as we determine necessary to comply with applicable law or to establish or defend our legal rights.




At the date of (signature of the form), I haven’t been tested positive to COVID-19 in the past 14 days. For the next 12 months, I consent to let Spin Énergie know if I am tested positive to COVID-19 and have visited the studio 14 days prior. I agree to stay away from the studio in any case I am tested positive to COVID-19 for at least 14 days after.


Today or in the past 24 hours, I didn’t present any of those symptoms : Fever (100.4F/38C or higher), felt feverish or had chills. New or worsening persistent (frequent or continuing) cough. New or worsening difficulty breathing. For the next 12 months, I agree to stay away from Spin Énergie studio for 3 to 14 days if I present any of those symptoms stated above.


Disclaimer of liability and acceptance of risks


- Creating a personal account:

By registering, I understand that I am creating a profile on the Spin Énergie studio website. This profile will allow me to purchase one or more series or subscriptions offered (giving access to the "Classes") by the Spin Énergie studio.  I acknowledge that any series or subscription purchased through the profile will give me access to the Services (as defined below) and is subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.


My account and all resulting benefits are personal and not transferable. I, therefore, undertake not to lend or give access to my account information to any other person and I acknowledge that I must comply with the Personal Information Privacy Policy.


"Personal Information" means any information, such as your name, date of birth, home address or e-mail address, that can be used to identify you. You may access and browse our website without providing any "Confidential Information", all in accordance with this Privacy Policy. However, if you decide to register for any Services offered by the website such as newsletter subscriptions or Series purchases, you must necessarily provide us with certain Personal Information. The Personal Information thus provided will only be used for the purposes explained when such information has been requested. Only the Studio Representatives (as defined below) will have access to this information. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the word "Representative" includes all and any affiliates of the Studio and/or owners, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, advisors, and/or other agents. We may use your Personal Information to communicate with you, to send you documents or other information for marketing or promotional purposes, to inform you of new features, products and Services offered by the Studio or to respond to your comments and inquiries. We may also use your Personal Information to collect information for statistics and website traffic to improve your experience and website content and the Services offered by the Studio. We do not distribute or sell your Personal Information to independent third parties. However, we may transfer the information in our database to comply with legal requirements, to protect the security and integrity of our database, to take preventive measures against any legal liability, or in the event of a sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event. Before any transfer, distribution or disclosure of your Personal Information to a third party, we will require that the third party make a commitment to take appropriate preventive measures to protect such information. As a result, we are entitled to transfer your Personal Information to authorized administrators when required by law. We strive to protect the confidentiality of your Personal Information, but you should understand that absolute security does not exist on the Internet. We use and store your Personal Information for as long as reasonably necessary, and only for the purposes for which it was collected. We use industry standard practices to maintain the confidentiality of your Personal Information.


- Purchase and use of the series:

I acknowledge that any purchase of series is a "final sale" and therefore non-refundable, and is subject to the application of applicable laws. From one week to the next, class schedules and coaches may vary.


In order to participate in a class, I understand that I must book online on the website, by phone or in person. If I decide to cancel a booking, I undertake to cancel it before 6 p.m. on the day before the class booked. Otherwise, I acknowledge that the reserved class will be considered used and that I will not be authorized to report it. A cancellation fee of ten dollars ($10) will be applied to the accounts of all members with an unlimited membership who cancel their booked class after 6:00 p.m. on the day before the booked class in question.


For security reason, we reserve the right to refuse access to a member who wishes to enter a class that is in progress for more than 8 minutes without refund.


If you are unable to benefit from Spin Energy (defined below) for a valid medical reason (supported by a note from a medical practitioner), we will extend the validity period of the purchased series, free of charge, equivalent to the same duration during which you were unable to benefit from the Services.


For reasons of security and technicality of the studio equipment, access to the classes is restricted to persons 16 years of age and over (accompanied by a letter of consent from a parent) and over 5 feet tall.


- Member responsibilities:

I undertake to faithfully and diligently comply with the Studio's Rules and Regulations posted on Spin Énergie's premises. I acknowledge that the Rules and Regulations may be amended at any time and I undertake to check them periodically in order to familiarize myself with any changes made and posted on the Studio's premises. I understand that failure to follow and comply with the Rules and Regulations will result in the issuance of verbal and/or written warnings against me, recorded in my file, and may result in a refusal by the Studio to provide its Services to me.


By signing this document (which I accept by checking the box when creating the online account), I acknowledge and accept that the practice of physical activity such as cycling and the use of the facilities for this purpose involve certain risks and dangers and I assume full responsibility for any damage and incidents that may occur. I declare that I am in adequate physical condition or have consulted a doctor to personally ensure that I can participate in this type of physical exercise.


I hereby declare that I have been notified and informed of the risks inherent in the practice of sports and/or fitness activities, such as, but not limited to, cardiovascular accident, dizziness, loss of consciousness, injuries due to falling or other movements (sprain, strain, fracture, etc.) and even death.


Consequently, I understand that I must refrain from engaging in any physical activity and that I must consult a doctor and receive his approval before engaging in such activities if I suffer from heart problems, hypertension, hypotension, chest or heart pain, dizziness, weakness, bone or joint disorders or any other health problem that could prevent me from participating in a physical activity offered by the Spin Energy studio.


Consequently, unless subsequently caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct of the Studio, I release Spin Énergie and its owners, employees, members, representatives and agents from any liability arising from any injury, health problem or death caused as a result of my participation in an activity offered by Spin Énergie and I release them from any claim, loss, injury or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the Spin Énergie studio facilities or any activity offered by it. This commitment also applies to heirs, successors and assigns.


- Website :

We do not provide any guarantee as the accuracy of the content of this website. You will understand that this website may contain inaccuracies or errors, so we are not responsible for such inaccuracies or errors.


From time to time, the website may contain links from third parties or hyperlinks to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience and to provide you with more information. You will understand that we are not responsible for the content of these links and hyperlinks, and therefore have no control over them.


Our website uses "cookies" to track the browsing preferences of our users. A "cookie" is what allows our website to remember you when you return. You can change your browser settings to disable cookies. When you deactivate, you can access most of the Services offered by our website, but you will not be able to take advantage of the full range of Services.


I acknowledge that I have received a copy of these Terms and Conditions and further acknowledge that the Studio reserves the right to make changes. I, therefore, undertake to review these Terms and Conditions regularly in order to familiarize myself with any changes made.



The consumer (you) may cancel this contract without charge or penalty before the merchant (the Studio) has begun the performance of this principal obligation by sending the form attached hereto or another notice in writing for that purpose (see Schedule A for such form) to the merchant.

If the merchant has begun to perform its principal obligation, the consumer may cancel this contract within a time period equal to 1/10 of the duration prescribed in this contract by sending the attached form or another notice in writing for that purpose to the merchant. Such time period shall begin at the time the merchant begins to perform his principal obligation. In that case, the merchant may not exact from the consumer payment of any sum greater than one-tenth of the total price prescribed in the contract.

The contract is cancelled, without further formality, upon the sending of the form or notice.

Within ten (10) days following the cancellation info this contract, the merchant must restore to the consumer the money he owes him.

It is in the consumer’s interest to refer to Sections 197 to 205 of the Consumer protection Act (R.S.Q. C. P-40.1) and, where necessary, to communicate with the Office de la protection du consommateur.





Since our opening, the studio and the spin room have been a place where we encourage riders to make their health a priority – and having fun doing it. We have always taken great pride in the cleanliness of our studio, we have taken new measures to go above and beyond to enhance our policies and procedures to reflect our industry’s new reality and best practices. Flexibility, adaptability and patience will be key in the next few weeks, but together we can do it!



All important information will be found on our website in the Terms and Conditions section. As well as communicated in future newsletters and on our social media, so make sure to follow us and not miss any updates.



As of June 22nd 2020, you must sign our updated Terms and Conditions before your first visit, with the new Privacy Notice and Health Declaration section stating that you agree to the health and safety parameters put in place by the governments and Spin Énergie studio. You’ll be able to do it online through your personal account.



We will be upholding our late cancel and no show policies to make sure as many people can enjoy the studio as possible at all time. So please remember to cancel by 6pm the night before class if needed. At this time, we won’t allow entry beyond the start of class time. Allow yourself more time to arrive and set up since everything will be moving more slowly inside the studio. Yet, we ask that you avoid waiting for class in high-traffic areas and consider waiting outside if the weather permits it.



Nothing has changed about expired series, communicate with us and we will extend, extend and keep extending until you used them all. Unlimited series will be reactivated only on demand when you are ready to come back and make the best of them. Please communicate with us by email at info@spinenergie.com



Spin Énergie staff and clients are required to wear masks upon arrival in the studio, please bring your own, as we will not be supplying them. However, masks will be available to purchase at the studio. That includes in the spin room until you are on your bike. You are allowed to do the class without the mask but you are required to wear it when you move in the studio.



Including front desk, bathrooms, retail areas, doorknobs, benches will be sanitized in between and during each class. I thorough clean-up of the studio, from top to bottom, is also done every night with top-grade disinfectant. 


You’ll notice new floor graphics in the studio to help keep you at least 2 meters away from your neighbours.



To limit all unnecessary manipulation and touch exchange, you will be asking you to verbally check in with front desk at your arrival. COMING UP : We are in the process to introduce cashless transactions and touchless payment using new in-studio device. In the meanwhile, we are asking you to save a credit card in your account and use it for any purchase. Debit and cash will not be accepted at this time.



A new entry and exit system has been put in place to enter and leave the spin room. Entering from the front door and leaving from the back to provide a safe and easier flow.



We will be spacing the bikes in the room according to social distancing standards and have a maximum of 22 riders per class.  A plexiglass has been installed in front of the teacher for protection.


All bikes and weights will be deep cleaned and disinfected between every class, even if not in use, now using a product with 90% alcohol base. Additionally, a spray will be left in the spin room for anyone to double-down on cleanliness.



Note that all our bikes are equipped with pedal basket with belt that allow you to use your own gym shoes, you can also use your own clip shoes. We highly recommend you that option. If you choose to rent our shoes, know that they are disinfected and sanitized after each use. They will be in rotation, so they will not be used again directly after a class.



We will temporary stop providing complimentary hair ties, apples, magazines and phone charging during class. Individually-wrapped ear plugs will be available upon request only, behind the front desk. 


Changing room will be limited to 3(men)-4(women) person at the time maximum. Lockers access will be limited, but available, ask front desk the key. They will be disinfected after used and in rotation. 


All retail item is final sale. You will be allowed to try things on in-studio as needed. All items not purchased will be sanitized after.



The government is introducing the vaccination passport on September 1st, allowing access to non-essential services (like spin classes) to those who got their 2 shots of vaccine. Don’t forget to download the app Vaxicode or to bring your PDF/printed proof of your second dose so we can let you in the class.


We have a grace period until September 15th ; we will be understanding of your situation while we’re all adjusting to that new reality.



When “I” is replaced by “WE”, illness becomes wellness (borrowed from Malcolm X). So Let’s all go above and beyond for everyone in the SÉ community, let’s take care of one another like our community knows how to do.


We know it’s a lot of change to take in, but trust us, as soon as the ice will be broken by the first song playing, you’ll find again that familiar and feel good place you love so much.


We are moving forward, but let’s not forget the past. Still applicable, if you are not feeling well (temperature running high, sore throat, cough, runny nose or have tested positive for COVID-19), don’t put anyone at risk, let us know and stay away from the studio. Communicate kindly to one another. Be mindful of the space around you and respect social distancing practice at all day. Even though its in our DNA, refrain from high five and hugs for now (I know it breaks our heart too).


While we are taking every precaution, we’re acutely aware of the possibility of a second wave that might affect us again. With no way to predict what will happen, we are committed to stay transparent and communicate any important information immediately by newsletter and on our social media, please make sure you are following us.


Those measure are temporary; our policies and procedures will change as new developments regarding COVID-19 evolves. Our goal is to remain open, flexible and proactive about keeping first of all our community as safe as possible. We appreciate your support, your patience, your understanding and your feedback since it is also for us new territories.


Whether you plan to join us in the studio, or feel more comfortable staying home for now, we are here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us or send us a email at info@spinenergie.com.