Spin Energie



Our lockers have individual keys and are for daily use. Towels are also complimentary.


Spin Énergie encourages you to you wear cycling shoes that clip into the bike. By doing so, you will be more stable and it will allow you to target the proper muscle group. Shoes are available for rental at Spin Énergie for 3$ or you are welcome to bring your own. If you plan to bring your own shoes, note that our pedals are SPD compatible.

What should I know for my first visit

-ARRIVE  at least 15min before your class so that we can get you set up. Keep in mind your first visit requires more time.

-CLOTHING we suggest to wear light sports gear but avoid loose fitting pants – shorts or capri leggings are good !

-RUNNING SHOES are cool but clipping is the best. Our bikes are SPD compatable and we do rent shoes if you want to  feel the difference.

-DRINK plenty before, during and after class. Intense cardio requires that you arrive already hydrated.

-GET READY to have real fun and remember, you’re being celebrated for showing up. Listen to your body and go to your own pace in class. It gets easier quickly if you stick to it we promise !