Do I have to sign a WAIVER?

Yes, you have to acknowledge and accept all risks involved with the practice of indoor-cycling and the policies of the studio before creating an account. Please take the needed time to read ( Terms & Conditions ) before accepting, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY We also have a printed copy available at the studio if needed.


No, it is important to create your own personal account so that you can read and accept the terms and conditions of the services provide by the studio.


No, trust and respect is important to us.  If you have a problem with your account, please contact us and we will help you resolve the problem.

Can a MINOR under my care come take a class with me?

The Canadian laws require that a minor is accompanied by an adult who has to sign a responsibility waiver for that minor at the studio.  Also for technical and safety reasons, we require that he/she measure at least 5 feet or 1.5 meters.

Should I arrive earlier the FIRST TIME?

Yes, you should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the class, so that we can show you the studio and help you adjust the bike settings so that you have an optimal first ride.  No first timers are permitted to enter class after class has started for security reasons.

Should I bring a WATER BOTTLE?

We recommend that you bring a reusable water bottle.  We have a filtered water dispenser Ovo-pur and you can refill as you need.  Also, we sell bottled water, Eska and Flow (Alkaline water).

Should I bring SHOES?

You can take your classes with your favourite gym shoes.  We recommend that you start with your own shoes.  Once you are confident on the bikes, try clip SPD shoes which you can rent at $3.  They help to liberate the feet and allow you to engage your muscles in an efficient way as you pedal with the up and down motion.

It's MY BIRTHDAY, can I spin for free?

Yes, when you do a cardio-party on your birthday, tell us and we will offer you the class as a gift. 

Can I leave MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS somewhere during the class?

Yes, we have lockers with keys available at no cost.  However, you can't leave your personal items between the class, the lockers need to be emptied and the key put back on locker before leaving.

How does it work if I put my name on the WAITING LIST?

The class you want to go to is full? Add your name to the waiting list! 

You just need a prepaid class in your account to do so.  It will only be debited if a spot opens up and you are added to the class.


- If the bike spot opens 12hours or more before the class, you are automatically added to the class and we will email you to let you know.  You do not need to confirm that you are going.  You can cancel the class before 6pm the night before yourself if you cannot attend.


-If the bike spot opens 3 hours -12 hours before the class, you are automatically added to the class and you will be called to confirm your attendance


-if the bike spot opens less than 3 hours before the class, you will be called but NOT automatically added to the class.  If you do not answer, we pass to the next person on the waiting list and it is the first to confirm that will get the spot.  If you are not contacted by email or by phone, your class will be returned to your account automatically after the class

Can I bring my PHONE and SMARTWATCH in the spin room?

Disconnecting for 45 minutes will be good for you, so leave your phone in the changing room, the world won't stop turning. We have nothing against the smartwatch at the studio, only against the light of the devices that can disturb others in the class. If you want to keep track of your performance, please turn down the luminosity settings of your watches to zero before entering the spin room.

I am PREGNANT, can I take the classes?

We always recommend you consult your doctor first, but yes we have a clients come take our classes and modify as needed.

How many CALORIES on average will I burn in the 45 minute class?

The exact answer varies depending on weight, age, height and physical ability but you can expect to burn between 450-700 calories in this rigorous 45 minute class.

Are the classes BILINGUAL?

Yes, all our classes are bilingual.

Do you offer different LEVEL OF CLASSES?

No, all our classes are considered multiple levels.  It is possible that you can't follow every move of the first class, it is normal.  You can always modify the movements and the bike resistance to workout at your level.  First and foremost, it is most fun to pedal to the beat of the music and have a party on the bike!

Can I CANCEL with no charge?

Yes, you can cancel a reserved class spot before 6pm the night before the reserved class, it will automatically be returned to your account.  If you cancel after 6pm the night before the class or you do not attend the class, your class will be deducted from your series. There is a $10 no show fee for unlimited series.

How can I make THE SEAT more comfortable?

It is normal at the beginning, that the seat may feel uncomfortable, but after several classes, once the abdominal muscles are more developed, it won't be a problem.  At the start, you can wear padded cycling shorts.  Also, we have a couple of gel padded seats you can put on your seat at the front desk, you can ask for them.