Since 2013, our passion has been to motivate people to exercise, because for us, staying active is an expression of self worth. At Spin Énergie working out means having a good time! Our goal is to motivate you to push your limits in a big party atmosphere. In a time where it is more and more difficult to disconnect from your busy lifestyle, we offer classes where you can unplug while connecting to the music. Every class is a happening and everyone’s energy contributes to the whole festive experience.

The experience

The lights lower, the volume raises, and you are ready for our 45 minute cardio-party, a full body workout where you will find yourself wanting more. Taught by the most dynamic and inspiring trainers in the city, you will go out of your comfort zone but never alone. We push through all together which makes it so much more exhilarating. A combination of weight routine, push ups and core movements while cycling on a killer soundtrack will make you addicted to exercising again.

First time

We take your first ride to heart.  We will not lie, the first time is not easy, but we all have been there. The good news is that perseverance will payback fast and you will quickly gain endurance and the pleasure to move. 


Put on your favourite training gear and your gym shoes. We have showers, towels and locker with keys at your disposal, you just need to bring your reusable water bottle. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class, we will show you the studio, help you adjust the bike and will give you all the best tips for a first optimal experience.

Paying it forward

Supporting our community and good causes is one of the most rewarding part of our mission. It keeps our hearts warm all year long. Only in 2019, we have donated over 450 complimentary classes, supported over 100 organizations and collaborated with many foundations.

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